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Tecnospy was born in Milan in 2004 by professionals with decades of professional experience gained in the field of security on national and international territory, with the aim of operating in investigation technologies for integrated security and intelligence. 


Tecnospy  provides qualified support to investigative agencies, private security firms, law enforcement agency, public authorities, law and accounting firms and international and highly relevant associations specialized in criminology and security.


The core business of the group is investigate to find the best solution to address privates and companies specific needs, providing  expertise and tailor-made services and products. 


Tecnospy is the current leader in the field of security; you can find our showrooms in Milan, Rome and Manno (Lugano). 

Tecnospy team is composed by experts able to satisfy specific security requirements in Italy, Switzerland and international territories. 

Applying the best and the new electronic technologies from the international market, we can perform specific electronic counter-surveillance services and analysis on electronic devices. We also sale, rent and install specific security and intelligence equipments, products for privacy protection, personal security, counter-intelligence and forensic activities. 


  Miniaturized audio recorder – recording autonomy from 2240 min. up to 71680 min.

Our digital microrecorders are programmed to record on an instant incorporated memory.

Main features:

* Tiny dimensions
* Maximum recordind time
* Battery duration
* Vocal activation w/ adjustable level
* Activation programmino w/ date – hour
* Contents protection by password

Battery duration is about 50/60 hours (recording), 1.5 months (stand by).  
Full package includes:

* Microrecorder
* PC connection cable
* CD-ROM software


Color CCD SONY SuperHad High Resolution Microcamera (550 lines).

It is an high level sensor (768x582 pixel) suitable for professional level filming . Although the pin-hole lens tiny dimensions, the camera can film in bad light conditions too, due to the excellent electronic shutter and the high signal/noise relation (until 60DB). The camera lens is a 4.3 mm pin-hole, able to offer a very good wide-angle vision through a 1 mm diameter hole. The lens conception is unique and allows to screw on a camouflage element as the following:

Frontal jacket button Sleeve jacket button Shirt button Cross screw



Wireless magnetic-induction micro-headphone. Ergonomic and simple to use.   It is the smallest head-phone on the market. It works with NOKIA cell phones and transceivers due to the proper inductive lace which allows the inductive wireless transmission under clothes too. It has an amplified microphone and a key to answer. You can set the volume too. The system guarantees a perfect functioning differently from other products with low reliability and high costs, because the lace and the head-phone are both equipped by batteries. It is useful everytime you need a discrete communication.


It integrates an high quality pin-hole color camera which allows:   *a continuous recording *a motion detection recording * the simple storage of single images in a flash memory    It is supplied with a comfortable stirrup for simple installations in various situations as monitoring of main-secondary entrances, garages…  
To select one of the type of recordings, you can simply choose the voice RECORD MODE on the menu of the operative settings (SETUP). The recording speed in both modes has to be selected by the voice CAPTURE RATE.